Call for Consultancy: To develop, review and update a Peace Building Training manual

Deadline:  12 October 2020 

Churches Convergence on Conflict and Peace (CCCOP) is a consortium of church-related organizations consisting of the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA), Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD), the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe (CCJP) and Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum (ECLF). The consortium is calling for expression of interests from qualified and experienced consultants to develop, review and update a peace building training manual from 16th to the 30th of October 2020.

  1. Background

A consortium of church-related organizations namely the ZCA, ECLF, CCJP and ZDD came together to develop an intervention aimed at empowering communities to prevent, manage. The intervention runs under the title “Churches Convergence on Conflict and Peace” (CCCOP).  CCCOP is an 18-month project aimed at building existing community peace structures for a violence free environment where all people co-exist.

The initiative leverages on the Church’s social capital, moral authority, and mobilisation capacity, to both deter and diffuse conflicts. The project seeks to embed communities within peacebuilding initiatives whilst inculcating a culture of peace and tolerance.

The action is premised on the understanding that the current context requires a more nuanced approach to peace and community cohesion. The overall objective is to contribute to community cohesion in conflict-affected contexts within the wider framework of national peace and reconciliation.

2. The Assignment

The CCCOP consortium is seeking consultants to assess the previous project peacebuilding training manual and develop a new synthesized version which will be premised on building on lessons learnt from the 2018-2019 Churches Convergence on Peace Project.

The training will focus on strengthening capacities in dialogue facilitation and holding duty-bearers to account, negotiation and mediation skills especially political conflict, advocacy training to strengthen their stakeholder engagement capacity, skills-building to promote inclusion of all groups in asserting their rights, skills to foster tolerance and social inclusion.’

  • Review the “Wellness and Integrity training” manual (previous manual)
  • review of the format and material in the first manual
  • review the recommendations proffered in the previous project report
  • Identify key lessons and incorporate them in the training manual
  • Integration of CCCOP partner information/ contributions into the new manual
  • Develop a trainers’ guide for easy use by trainers
  • The trainers guide will be annexed into the final trainers’ manual to give clear guidelines for the facilitator.
  • Designing and Laying out of the new training manual.
  • Design a draft manual by 26 October 2020 and send to the lead programmes personnel for review and comments
  • Rework on the 1st draft and submit revised copy by no later than close of business by 30th of October 2020
  • Final copy to be emailed to the lead programs personnel by COB on 30 October 2020

The consultant will produce a simplified version that can be easily adapted by community members for training / facilitating. 

3. Consultant Skills and Qualifications

The consultant is expected to have:

  • a proven record of developing Peacebuilding, Advocacy and Conflict Resolution workshop training material.
  • experience in research and information management in Community Development
  • Academic qualifications in the fields of Social Sciences, Research Methodology, Development Studies, or any other related fields.
  • At least five to ten (5-10) years͛ experience in workshop facilitation in, conflict, advocacy, and peace-building programming
  • A track record in conducting qualitative and quantitative research in community development.
  • Previous experience applying participatory research methods
  • Has prior experience in producing training manuals, handbooks, peace toolkits and any other relevant material

4. Communication

All communication regarding the assignment should be directed to the Lead Programs Personnel on the following email

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