Byo woman appeals for more financial assistance to pay her son’s medical bills

A Bulawayo woman is appealing for further financial assistance for her 15 year old son who is set to undergo another shunt surgery for hydrocephalus, a condition where excess fluid builds up within the brain.

Lothando Dube underwent the 5th shunt on January 5, 2022, after his mother had appealed for ZWL$ 884 000 and only received ZWL$15 000 and US$100.

Doctors agreed to do the operation while his mother looked for the money.

Unfortunately the surgery had some complications and he now has to undergo another.

Lothando was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was five months old and when he reached the age of eight months, the doctors placed his first shunt.

A shunt is the most common treatment for hydrocephalus. It is a flexible tube called a catheter placed into the area of the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is produced. The shunt drains excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain to another part of the body, where it can be more easily absorbed.

In an interview with CITE, Samkeliso Mhlanga said her son, Lothando Dube has had many operations and the recent surgery was bound to have complications.

“We are back where we started because he’s been opened so many times the operation was bound to have complications,” said Mhlanga.

She said due to the prolonged period spent in hospital, the hospital bill is increasing every day.

 “There has been little funding and the hospital bill is mounting every day. I am basically shattered watching him go through the pain over and over again. This would be his 6th shunt,” she said.

Mhlanga said after the surgery, Lothando started having high temperatures.

“He started having high temperatures up to 39°c three days after the operation. At first the doctors thought it was just an infection it would clear with antibiotics,” she said.

“Later we discovered that water was coming out through the stomach area that was opened instead of draining into the bladder.”

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Mhlanga added, “He started not eating and vomiting again. We were hoping the water would stop but that hasn’t happened. The doctors are saying there is no other option but to remove the shunt and put another one on.”

Those willing to assist Lothando Dube can contact his mother on 0771 372708 or visit them at House Number 20204 Pumula South.

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