Byo school resumes classes after Covid-19 outbreak

Mzilikazi Primary School in Bulawayo has resumed normal business following an outbreak of Covid-19 resulting in the institution being placed under quarantine.

The school recorded 38 cases forcing health officials in the city to conduct mass tests in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

A CITE news crew visited the school on Monday and observed that classes were session.  

Sources at the school who spoke to CITE on condition of anonymity as they are not cleared to speak to the media revealed that all those who had tested positive have undergone the mandatory quarantine period. 

“Generally, it has normalised, children have undergone through the mandatory quarantine. We are still waiting for all the results to come out but they have all gone through the 14 days isolation period,” said the source. 

The official said the school is following the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s guidelines and at the moment only 20 learners are allowed per class. 

“We follow the Ministry schedule, we now have 20 learners per class then the other half comes in the afternoon session and they also come on different days.” 

Contacted for a comment, Bulawayo Provincial Education Director (PED) Olicah Kaira confirmed that the stituaton at the school had gone back to normal. 

“The situation is back to normal, teachers and learners are now back at school but for further details you can speak to the Director for Communication and Advocacy,” said Kaira. 

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Director of Communications and Advocacy Taungana Ndoro said schools have recovered from Covid-19 including Mzilikazi Primary school. 

Other schools which had recorded Covid-19 cases include Embakwe High School in Mangwe District, Matabeleland South and Sacred Heart primary and secondary schools in Esigodini.

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