Byo needs alternative water sources and better infrastructure, says MP

Bulawayo is in dire need of alternative water sources to alleviate water challenges for the residents, Member of Parliament for Bulawayo Central, Surrender Kapoikilu, has stated.

In an interview with CITE on what he plans to do for his constituency, the opposition legislator said there is a need for a long-term solution to the water challenges in Bulawayo.

“Our water taps are dry 80 percent of the time. The population in our city is growing but surprisingly we are still using the same sources of water. They are no longer enough,” Kapoikilu said.

He said it is about time the Zambezi water project gets finalised instead of having politicians dangle its completion to canvass for votes.

“We also need to look into alternative water sources. We need to come up with ways of recycling water. Our park is in a deplorable state. The lawn there needs to be watered, even in our households, we need to come up with ways of recycling water for watering purposes,” Kapoikilu said.

In addition to water challenges, Kapoikilu also decried the state of roads in Bulawayo. He said the city needs to have its own plant of road construction so that the job may be done adequately.

“We need to have a road rehabilitation plant of our own in Bulawayo. At the moment the local council is subcontracting companies to fix the roads. Having our own plant would cut costs and create employment for locals. The companies that are being subcontracted are not even doing a good job. We need to improve the signage on our roads so that it matches the regional standards,” Kapoikilu said.

He also said there is need to invest in the city lighting system and to create other alternative light sources.

“Lighting in the city is very poor. We need to invest in solar farms to create alternative power sources. Bulawayo is the industrial hub of the country, but what investor would want to come and start their business in a city that has no power? We need to resuscitate our thermal power plants and invest more in solar power and biogas,” Kapoikilu said.

“Solar lighting can also be put up at vending bays. Our vendors are struggling. They do not have proper vending places. They need stalls, water, and ablution facilities. Fifth Avenue is a mess because there is no proper management of vending spaces. Vendors need proper infrastructure. If that is done, the local authority can actually realize more income.”

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