Byo councillors under siege, claims mayor

Bulawayo Mayor Councillor Solomon Mguni has claimed there is a deliberate ploy by the ruling party Zanu PF to cripple the operations of the MDC run council by targeting councillors and other top party officials in the city.

The councillors are accused by the government of organising and inciting violence during the protests that broke out on Monday last week where protesters went on a rampage looting shops and damaging infrastructure.

In an interview with CITE, Cllr Mguni said a number of councillors are in hiding and this will affect the functioning of council.

“Most councillors are either in hiding or arrested and will disturb quorums of council committees who make recommendations to full council to adopt resolutions of service delivery. Councillors in hiding and those arrested won’t attend meetings of council,” he said.

The Mayor said his family was also threatened by the police, who allegedly raided his house while he was away on official council business.

“I am in Harare on business but l have been receiving stories that unknown men came to my place and they did not identify themselves,” said Mguni

“They threatened my family. My family is not even safe l then told them to leave home and go somewhere for safety.”

He added that some councillors have been taken by police.

“I also received reports that Ward 22 Councillor Rodney Jele was taken by police and they are hunting down on Ward 1 Councillor Mlandu Ncube,” said Mguni.

“Many councillors have received mysterious calls. As I am speaking, I have been receiving phone calls from the Bulawayo police station”.

Cllr Mguni said the regime has gone on overdrive in trying to intimidate the MDC leadership and civic society leaders.

CITE also contacted the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Tinashe Kambarami who confirmed that he is also receiving threats from the police but is not in hiding.


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