Byo councillor demands solution to recurring fires at the Richmond landfill

Ward 6 Councillor, Ntandoyenkosi Ndlovu, has implored the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to implement fire prevention measures to curb recurring fires at the Richmond Landfill site (Ngozi Mine).

Cllr Ndlovu expressed concern about the smoke from the fires, which pose a serious health threat to residents living near the landfill.

He pointed out that he is not the first councillor to raise the issue, highlighting his predecessor Cllr Kidwell Mujuru’s efforts to bring it to the council’s attention.

Speaking at the Full Council Meeting held on Wednesday, he stated, “Your Worship, I believe we are still failing the residents of Cowdray Park. Strong emissions continue to pose a health threat, as air pollution is the largest threat to public health, potentially leading to numerous diseases. The health committee’s excuse that they are not responsible for starting the fires is no longer acceptable.”

“This issue has been raised over the years, and it is not me who started talking about it in council. Even my predecessor, Cllr Kidwell Mujuru, spoke about it. Yet, there is no solution, and the council resorts to blaming other players. Ultimately, this council is responsible for managing the Richmond landfill site. I don’t understand why we are still failing to manage that site effectively. In the interim, I suggest the council implement proper fire prevention management methods. In the long term, I recommend relocating the site, considering the planned settlements around the area.”

Ward 18 Cllr, Felix Madzana, concurred with Cllr Ndlovu, criticising the council’s lack of viable solutions.

“We cannot keep discussing the same issue without solutions,” he stressed. “As Cllr Ndlovu noted, this matter was raised by Cllr Mujuru in the previous council. Why are we still complaining about the same thing? It paints a picture that the council is not interested in solving the problem.”

“We need solutions when we sit in these meetings. Waste picker organizations have approached the council, offering to manage the site and ensure proper waste management. Why are we not engaging them? We want a solution for residents, as air pollution poses a serious health risk.”

Ward 25 Cllr, Alex Ndlovu, suggested implementing stricter waste management policies.

He explained that community sweepers lack designated areas to dispose of litter after cleaning, leading to illegal dumping and subsequent burning.

“The council must implement strict policies on waste management,” he asserted. “Currently, community sweepers have no designated areas to dispose of litter after cleaning their designated areas, contributing to illegal dump sites. While plans exist for litter disposal points, there are often delays in refuse collection. This leads people near these sites to burn the litter, causing air pollution.”

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    2.Your facebook page is mostly taken up by adverts trying to sell your company you dont need alot to get attention? There is a lot going on and it could fit including enviornmental issues like this one
    3. This landfill site must have too much waste there is need to reduce there are 3 R’s to protect the enviornment
    1. REDUCE – reduce the waste at landfills and in order to do this
    2. REUSE
    3. RECYCLE
    There is a Global Plastic Treaty to find ways to reduce/end use of plastic #globalplastictreaty

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