Byo councillor challenges women to take up political responsibility

Ward 17 councilor Sikhululekile Moyo in Bulawayo has challenged young women to participate in community development projects and to take up leadership roles.

Addressing young women at Matlive Incubation Centre in Lobengula Suburb, Bulawayo recently, Cllr Moyo said, when she leaves council office, she would want to be replaced by another female. 

The event was hosted by Amakhosikazi Media and ran under the theme: “Is the quota system in local government going to be significant and beneficial for women.” 

Cllr Moyo said women shy away from leadership roles and this affects female representation resulting in less women advocating for women’s issues. 

“I just wish more women would be confident enough to take up such spaces. When I finish serving my term as councilor, I would love to hand over the button stick to a fellow woman. We are capable of leading; we cannot let men take up leadership roles all the time. Who would advocate for our issues? We have to be self-representative,” she said.

“People from humble backgrounds have the same opportunities as everyone else. I was raised by vendors, yet I was passionate about making a change in my community. I strategically positioned myself, attended community meetings and stood my ground when it came to advocating for service delivery in communities.”  

Cllr Moyo reiterated that leadership starts at grassroots level, by having keen interest in events happening within one’s surroundings. 

“One of the major responsibilities that comes with leadership is decision and for one to be able to make sound decisions they need to have deep understanding of the subject matter. Being a councillor encompasses a lot of that. It also involves policymaking. You cannot formulate sound policies if you cannot make good decisions,” Cllr Moyo said. 

“It all starts by understanding your environment, the challenges faced by the people and the possible solutions that can make the situation better. As young women, it is important to have keen interest in attending community meetings, school meetings and other events that have to do with the welfare of our communities. That is how you gather knowledge about your surroundings and that is how you can participate and contribute in decision making.”

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