Brutal Mtshabezi school fight caught on camera

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has made inquiries after a video showing learners from Mtshabezi High School in Matabeleland South engaged in a brutal fight went viral on social media.

The incident reportedly took place on Saturday and involved male learners in Form Four and Six classes.

The footage shows the learners in uniform exchanging blows outside a classroom while one learner captured the incident on a cellphone.

Sources at the school who spoke to CITE said the fight was reportedly triggered by a quarrel over a lack of respect among the learners.

“Such rivalry between the two groups is common but they are never this intense. Form fours and upper six at most instances “demand” respect from each other. Upper six learners claim that form fours are disrespectful while the latter claim that the former takes advantage of the difference in levels,” a source said.

Mtshabezi High School headmaster, Morgan Moyo, declined to comment on the incident and referred this publication to the parent ministry.

“I cannot comment on the issue. As you know, there are protocols that need to be followed in terms of discussing school issues with the press. May you liaise with the relevant office,” Moyo said.

Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro confirmed the incident.

He said the ministry deployed learners support units to address the incident and remedial action is being taken.

“I can confirm that there were some skirmishes at Mtshabezi High School over the weekend where form four learners and upper six ones were engaged in a fight over issues of lack of respect from either parties,” Ndoro said.

“The ministry has deployed learner support units at the school to remedy the situation. Disciplinary action is being taken against those who were involved.”

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