Juvenile fatally stabs friend, attempts to commit suicide

A 17-year-old juvenile from Binga attempted to commit suicide after fatally stabbing his friend with a knife following a misunderstanding. 

Police say they had arrested the teenager who had tried to end his life by stabbing himself in the throat and drinking a pesticide. 

Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda said they were holding the juvenile for the murder of Irvine Muguli whose age was not given. 

“Police in Matabeleland North Province confirms the arrest of a 17-year-old juvenile in connection with a murder case in which Irvine Muguli succumbed to injuries inflicted on him by the suspect on 18 March 2022 at Chigwagwa River, Siachilaba, Binga. On the fateful day deceased was approached by accused whilst bathing with his young brother aged 13 years. The two had a conversation which deceased’s young brother overhead deceased asking the accused why he had assaulted him with a catapult the previous day,” said Insp. Banda. 

He said the teenager went on to draw a knife before stabbing the deceased who gave chase before collapsing. 

“Accused then withdrew a knife from his pocket and stabbed deceased once on the left side of the chest and ran away. Muguli chased accused for about 200 meters from where he was stabbed and collapsed. He then noticed that the deceased had fallen down, went to check on him and realized that he was dead. He went back to the river and informed the deceased’s sibling that his brother was dead.”

Police say after committing the act he tried to kill himself but failed. 

“After realizing that he had made a mistake, accused tried to kill himself by stabbing himself once on the throat with a knife but did not die and went on to drink “chirindamatura” a pesticide all in a bid to end his life. He was rushed to Siansundu clinic for treatment by his father.”

Insp. Banda urged members of the public to desist from carry dangerous weapons and resorting to violence as a way to solve their differences, but instead engage trusted persons like community and church elders to assist them to solve their problems.

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