Bowsers to ease water woes in Cowdray Park

Ward 28 councillor Kidwell Mujuru says Council is working on ensuring that water bowsers are sent to the suburb at least three times a week to alleviate water shortages in the area.

In an interview with CITE, Cllr Mujuru said bowsers will deliver water to residents without water in accordance with the stipulated water shedding schedule.

The city, which has perennial water challenges, is currently under a 120-hour water shedding schedule.

Cllr Mujuru said it was costly for the local authority to drill boreholes in the sprawling suburb.  

“I have been in touch with the residents’ association chairperson and have explained to the people that there is a Dolomite rock lying underneath which makes drilling of boreholes difficult. It is not impossible to do so but the process would be extremely costly. Hence we opted to have a bowser bringing water every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” said Cllr Mujuru.

In a snap survey carried out by this publication in the area, residents expressed concern on the difficulty of observing social distancing as people scramble for water at browsers.

The residents said in light of Coronavirus access to water is a necessity for them so that they can maintain hygiene.

Another resident said although they are in desperate need for boreholes, council explained that sinking them would be difficult because of rocks lying underneath.

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