Binga accident claims 8 lives

Eight people died while an unconfirmed number were injured in Binga after a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Transport’s Department of Roads was involved in an accident along the Binga-Siabuwa road.

The accident happened on Thursday afternoon near Nsungwale and has exposed poor service delivery in the Matabeleland North remote district after the bodies were reportedly kept at Binga Police Station on Thursday night because the mortuary facility at Binga District Hospital is said to be malfunctioning.

While police could not readily confirm the accident, sources said four of the passengers died on the spot while the fifth was pronounced dead on arrival at Binga District Hospital.

Three others reportedly succumbed to the injuries on Friday afternoon while admitted to the hospital.

Chief Siabuwa said there is suspicion the vehicle may have been speeding.

“I got a report and the Department of Roads vehicle was coming from the direction of Siabuwa going towards Binga. The accident happened at Sijalila Forest turn off near Nsungwale and it is said it veered off the road and missed a tree before falling on its side and overturning,” said Chief Siabuwa.

One of the victims was the Chief’s cousin.

The incident has irked Binga residents who are bitter about poor service delivery especially the lack of mortuary facilities.

The 81km Binga-Siabuwa road was recently graded and gravelled and there have been concerns of speeding motorists.

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