Ashy’s supermarket gutted by fire

Property worth about ZW $510 000 was lost when a fire broke out at Ashy’s supermarket in Bulawayo’s city centre after an employee reportedly left a chip fryer on.

The incident occurred around 6 pm on Tuesday and it was discovered by vendors who helped to call the fire brigade.

Bulawayo Acting Chief Fire Officer, Linos Phiri confirmed the incident saying when the firefighters got to the scene, they found the chip fryer well alight with flames gaining momentum and highly visible from the outside.

“A commercial building used as a supermarket and a fast-food outlet measuring approximately 40 meters by 25 meters, built of brick under zinc sheets as well as the asbestos ceiling. The fire started in the chip fryer and was contained there without spreading to the other parts of the building,” said Phiri.

He said they found the supermarket premises locked with all the workers dismissed.

“Fire brigade used bolt cutters to cut the burglar bar on the window as well as breaking the glass to gain access. One hose reel from water tender three was used to put out the fire. Water supply was augmented from water tender and water carrier,” said Phiri.

The Acting Chief Fire Officer said after operations the premises were handed over to the owner a Mr A Mpofu.

“Mr A. Mpofu, the owner of the premises thanked the brigade for a swift response and for saving his property. One worker who came was chased away and threatened to be assaulted by the owner of the premises who accused him of leaving the chip fryer on unattended,” said Phiri.

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