Residents blast ‘lazy’ ZESA officials

Bulawayo residents have blasted the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) for their slow reaction whenever they report faults, some which pose a danger to residents.

This came out during a Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) provincial residents meeting held in ward 15, Luveve, Thursday, to discuss issues of service delivery.

Speaking during the meeting, a resident who identified herself as Mrs Marko narrated how an electricity fault landed her husband in the hospital.

“It was on Saturday around 1 am when we heard electricity sparks outside the house and when we went to investigate, we realised that the overhead power cables had been cut,” she said.

“My husband suffered from shock and was admitted to hospital due to high blood pressure, even the doctor who attended to my husband had to call ZESA attendants and ask them if they knew the suffering, they were causing residents,” she said.

Another resident who introduced himself as Mr Ncube said due to its negligence, the power utility endangering the lives of residents.

These are serious issues we are highlighting here because some of the contacts that we are given for faults hardly go through,” Ncube said.

BPRA Executive Chairperson, Ambrose Sibindi said service providers need to engage with residents during crisis times.

“The situation in our country is a crisis, it is not a normal situation. Service providers need to have a human face and think for residents,” said Sibindi.

“When people report faults especially life-threatening issues, ZESA must respond accordingly as these are serious and dangerous issues.

However, ZESA foreman for Luveve, Caleb Joboringo, said they are constrained to attend to all faults due to the unavailability of fuel.

“Last week when we experienced many faults, there was no fuel, we are not allowed to go to any service station. Public entities have laws when it comes to procurement,” said Joboringo.

“As I am speaking the power cables, the spares are not available, we are not just allowed to go and buy as there are procurement rules to be followed.”

Joboringo urged residents to continue reporting any faults they encounter.

“Where ever there is a threat to someone`s life, we urge residents to not hesitate to call as we usually respond swiftly,” he said.

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