Apple iOS 11.4 update causing battery drain problems for users

Apple iOS 11.4 was launched last month, and users are now complaining of a faster battery drain with the latest update

Apple iOS 11.4 was launched last month, and users are now complaining of a faster battery drain with the latest update. Apple users have commented on the company’s official forums with the battery drain issue, which started after they installed the iOS 11.4 update. Apple has not yet commented on the issue or confirmed if it will roll out an update to fix the problem.

One user wrote, “After recent update to iOS 11.4 my battery is draining with little use. Shows my messages is using 33% of my battery.” Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, even iPad users have posted on the forum about the battery draining quickly. Some users also pointed out that the battery health was fine, but it kept running out of juice faster. For those who are not aware, Apple now lets iOS users check the battery health of their iPhone as well.

With the battery health feature, users are alerted if the battery has become too old, damaged or decayed and could be impacting the performance of the iPhone. Users can also get the battery replaced in order to fix a slow-down issue. Apple has itself offered battery replacement at reduced prices for users across the world in lie of the whole controversy that took place earlier this year.

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With iOS 11.4, some users are saying their battery is going from 100 per cent to under 70 per cent without any use like calls or texts. Another user who just upgraded to iOS 11 from iOS 10 on the iPhone 6S wrote that their iPhone’s battery does not last a day anymore, when it easily did so with the older version of iOS. The user said the battery health was 84 per cent.

One user has written that despite having a battery health of 90 per cent, the phone goes from 50 per cent to 20 per cent in just minutes without any usage.  There appears to be no fix for this problem for now. However, users can try going back to iOS 11.3 in order to regain some of the battery life.

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