Allow chiefs to lead cleansing ceremony, Zanu PF told

The Zanu PF led government has been implored to allow traditional leaders and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to lead the proposed post war cleansing ceremonies.

One of the resolutions at the party`s 17th National People`s Conference held in Esigodini, Matabeleland South, last week was that the party and government must lead a process to appease ancestral spirits for the attainment of the country`s independence.

The other resolution was the establishment of liberation war museum and a project to document liberation heritage.

Social commentator and Ibhetshu LikaZulu secretary general Mbuso Fuzwayo says the ruling party must use existing traditional structures instead of leading the process.

Fuzwayo emphasised that Zimbabwe is a rainbow nation with diverse cultures that faced various injustices and problems during the liberation struggle.

“Various tribes faced various problems during the liberation struggle. As it stands Matabeleland still suffers the effects of Gukurahundi,” he said.

“Traditional leaders must be given the platform to deal with the issue of thanking the ancestors for independence. This is so because chiefs from both Matabeleland and Mashonaland really understand what happened during Gukurahundi and how best to resolve. Squabbles between all tribes must be dealt with so that everyone can be accomodated in the process of thanking the ancestors,” said Fuzwayo.

Fuzwayo reiterated the need to tell the people the truth about what really transpired during the liberation war.

“If the government and Zanu-PF are really serious about these resolutions they must be willing to tell the people truth,” he said.

“Zipra is deliberately left out when talking about the liberation war. A true account of precedence of events has not been completely given in regards to the incidents that took place. The liberation fighter were not as united as is preached. The government must be prepared to tell the truth.”

Meanwhile, Ibhetshu likaZulu is set to hold its annual Gukurahundi commemoration event on December 22, at Stanley Hall in Makokoba.

The event is meant to commemorate the end of the mass killings which accounted for more than 20 000 innocent lives in Matabeleland and Midlands.

22 December is the day when the feuding Zanu and Zapu parties signed the Unity Accord in 1987 that brought the genocide to an end.

This year`s theme is: Imagination, Remembrance, Reflection and Action in memory of the slain innocent people of Matabeleland.

“This means we want to build bridges with our killers and give the survivors an opportunity to reflect,” said Fuzwayo.

“This day is important in the history of Zimbabwe, it is a day born out of the blood of innocent woman, children ordinary men killed by their own government”.

The police have in the past blocked the event even after issuing a clearance.

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