Hwange community uses CDF to refurbish schools

By Judith Sibanda 

Hwange West Member of Parliament Godfrey Dube says they will channel their Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation of $2 million towards refurbishing schools and dip tanks.

The decision was arrived at following consultation meetings with villagers.

“The completion of the roof at Chikandakubi and Chewumba is the first priority,” Dube said. 

“We will then embark on new projects which will focus mainly on infrastructure at schools, dip tanks and other community projects, so my secretariat teams are on the ground compiling all the data.”

Dube said due to the Covid pandemic, his team could not hold physical meetings and invited villagers to submit a list of their suggested projects.  

“We have a limited budget of which translates to US$ 20 500 so we will prioritise a few projects,” he said.

“Since 2018, we have covered the schools, repair of the clinics and the construction of  Early Childhood Development (ECD) blocks at Chikandakubi, Chewumba and Takazwipila.

“We have also painted an HIV centre at Lunkunguni clinic hence the focus this year will be to completing all outstanding projects and also embarking on small dams project to harvest water in the next rain rainy season.” 

Dube said the constituency has been largely developed by non-governmental organisations that are spearheading better opportunities and solutions, especially in rural communities. 

“We give appreciation to non-governmental organisations like Jafuta Foundation who have done much in setting up irrigation schemes, the building of vocational centre within our constituency,” he said.

“The Greenline Trust is involved is so many developmental projects and even providing bicycles to schools and community leaders so these are private players that have played a big roll.”

Dube said further assistance came from private tourism players like Wild horizons, Shearwater and Wilderness who are also assisting the community with developmental projects. 

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