Abednico Bhebhe vows to stay put

MDC-T national organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe, who was reportedly expelled over the weekend, has vowed to stay put.

Bhebhe is in the race to replace the founding party president Morgan Tsvangirai who passed on in 2018.

Bhebhe said as prescribed by the Supreme Court ruling, was a bonafide member of the 2014 MDC-T National Standing Committee.

He was expelled last Saturday by the National Council unanimously for allegedly “supporting another political party other than the MDC-T”.

He contends no one had the constitutional power to expel him, moreso through a  ‘bogus WhatsApp platform’. 


“Few individuals who wrongly believe that pieces of silver and purported expulsion could disintegrate the people’s project,” he said in a statement.

There are allegations that Thokozani Khupe and Morgan Komichi instructed their national council to limit the number of candidates to take part in the extraordinary congress, in order to block Bhebhe who seems to be the favourite MDC-T presidential candidate in Matabeleland.

During the first round of MDC-T’s nomination process in Bulawayo last week, Bhebhe reportedly received an overwhelming number of votes of 170, Khupe (35), Mwonzora (seven) while Komichi and Mudzuri received zero nominations.

But, the Independent Election Management Body that handled the nomination process said Khupe had emerged victorious with 59 votes while Bhebhe pulled 45 votes.


“Allow me to express my greatest appreciation for the sterling work that was done by the Bulawayo 2014 Provincial Council members. Thank you Bulawayo Provincial Council and thank you in advance to all other provincial councils yet to be done. I am also happy with the support that l am receiving  from all the genuine and bonafide MDC T 2014 Congress delegates and the entire MDC family,” Bhebhe said.

Bhebhe stressed he was still the National Organising Secretary, a member of the 2014 National Standing Committee and one of the aspiring MDC T presidential candidates for the Extraordinary Congress.

“This invalid and meaningless expulsion is nothing but an adventure of Khupe and Komichi to eliminate those they perceive to be a threat to their own ambitions to be the successor to the late Morgan Tsvangirai. They are aware that most delegates of the 2014 Congress have expressed their  desire to elect me for MDC-T Presidency,” he said. 

Bhebhe noted there was an attempt to run away from the real 2014 Congress delegates by creating a false delegates list, creating false organs of the party and creating false resolutions that are illegal. 

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