A family’s heartbreak: ZANU-PF member’s kin killed by lightning

The family of Zanu-PF losing Binga North parliamentary candidate, Kudakwashe Munsaka, is mourning the loss of four loved ones after they were fatally struck by lightning on Wednesday night.

When the tragedy struck, Munsaka’s aunt, Berita Mujuru (74), was sleeping in a hut with her two grandchildren, aged 11 and 5, and a neighbour’s daughter, aged 21.

The two minors died on the spot, while Mujuru and the neighbour’s daughter died at the health facilities they had been ferried to.

“The lightning struck around 11 PM. The thatched roof caught fire and it set the whole hut ablaze,” Munsaka said, narrating the tragic incident to CITE.

“Their neighbours saw the fire and rushed to help. They struggled to break open the door because it had been locked from the inside.

“When they finally opened, the two minors had already died because of the excessive burns. My aunt and the neighbour’s daughter were still alive at the time although they had sustained serious burns. My aunt was taken to Siyabuwa clinic where she died in the early morning hours. The neighbour’s daughter, who appeared to be in a better state, had been taken to Binga hospital but she died this (Thursday) morning.”

Munsaka said their family is in pain and shock, especially because the area has not yet received much rain.

“We are in so much pain and at a loss of words as a family. Even the whole community is in shock. This area has not yet received excessive rains that could actually make us worry about such disasters. This place is still fairly dry yet all these lives have been lost. We are really struggling to come to terms with such a great loss as a family,” he said.

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