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About Biometric Voter Registration (BVR)

What is BVR?

BVR stands for Biometric Voter Registration. It is the registration of voters using electronic technology (BVR machines) to capture each applicant’s fingerprints. The following features are also captured: facial image, name, national ID
or Passport number, age and gender.

What are the components of the BVR system?
The components of BVR system include;
a) A laptop
b) Fingerprint scanner/reader
c) Camera
d) Registration software
e) Power backup source
f) Photo backdrop

Overview of BVR enrolment- The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

What are the advantages of BVR system? : Global Network of Domestic Election Monitoring

  1. Well designed data capture technologies and processes can deliver much lower error rates.
  2. ICTS allow rapid dissemination of both generic and specific messages and information to electoral stakeholders.
  3. BVR systems  prevent duplicate registrations.
  4. They are also easy to search, analyse and audit.
  5. They help to prevent double or multiple voting.

Disadvantages of BVR

  1. The initial cost of investing in BVR technology is high.
  2. Environmental factors, such as humidity, may affect the operation of the system where it fails to work properly due to changes in conditions.
  3. Systems may suffer breakdowns.

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