257 human rights abuses recorded in August

Zimbabwe recorded 257 human rights violations in August, with Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) cited as the main perpetrators.

According to the latest human rights situation report for last month by the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), the country is recording an increase in human rights abuses.

“In August, ZPP monitored and documented 257 human rights violations, with 3,321 victims identified [2,334 Males and 987 Females, including 31 (14M/17F) people with disabilities (PWDs),” the ZPP said in the report titled: Politics Ruling the law in Zimbabwe.

“The majority of human rights cases were perpetrated by the Zanu PF party, responsible for 51% of the violations, followed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) at 28%.

“The general citizens populated the highest percentage of victims, 89%, and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters followed with 11%. Law enforcement agents and the ruling party have collectively subjected the citizens of Zimbabwe to gross human rights violations.”

The human rights watchdog also noted systematic intimidation of opposition members by suspected Zanu PF activists, with traditional leaders also accused of harvesting fear in favour of the ruling party.

“The threat of harassment, discrimination, and intimidation of opposition supporters demonstrates how traditional leaders are continually being coaxed to harvest fear. The ground is already being set for the 2023 elections,” the report reads.

Traditional leaders are supposed to be apolitical.

Section 281 of the constitution sets out the conduct of traditional leaders, which among others, they are not supposed to be members of political parties and not supposed to act in a partisan manner when dealing with citizens under their jurisdiction.

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