ZPRA veterans donate blankets to Ingutsheni Hospital patients

By Promise Dube

ZPRA Veterans Association donated a consignment of blankets at Ingutsheni Hospital in Bulawayo on Tuesday in response to the institution’s calls for assistance.

Speaking on behalf of the ZPRA Veterans Association, Buster Magwizi said they felt compelled to help, because mentally ill patients needed a lot of assistance for them to survive, especially in the harsh economic environment.

“We do this from the bottom of our hearts realising that our communities would be short of the necessary daily commodities or items they need in life and surviving the environments of illness such as in Ingutsheni,” he said.

The ZPRA spokesperson stated that Ingutsheni Hospital had made a plea for assistance and the veterans found it necessary and prudent to help.

“We came up with an idea of buying a bale of blankets according to their wish list, which we have donated today,” Magwizi said.

“We realised that their condition is a result of mental illness which has deteriorated probably due to a lot of incidences or conditions, probably resulting from the state of poverty that we find ourselves in Zimbabwe.”

Magwizi also remarked that the conditions of trauma that has engulfed mentally ill people, was probably due to the destabilisation of their families.

“So being members of the community we found ourselves in a position to say we have to go out to stretch our hands to assist our fellow sick at Ingutsheni. Hence we are in Ingutsheni today to donate these blankets,” he said.

The ZPRA spokesperson said as veterans, they would continue assisting communities who are in vulnerable positions.

He also encouraged other well-wishers to come on board.

“We want to extend further our gratitude to all institutions of palliative health care for providing such to our community. We also urge those who can help further to assist as this goes a long way and is beneficial to the patients. Let’s participate in the best way to assist our vulnerable communities,” Magwizi said.

“Thank you very much to communities worldwide and those members who have managed to facilitate this donation especially our comrades, and members of ZPRA Veterans Association in the diaspora, you have made this donation possible, may your hands go further.”

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