Zinara: Only 60% of Zimbabwe’s vehicles licensed

By Ndumiso Tshuma

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has reported that only 60% of the estimated 1.2 million registered vehicles in the country are properly licensed.

This information was revealed by Zinara CEO Nkosinathi Ncube while presenting his 2023 operational overview.

While the licensing compliance rate is low, Zinara managed to surpass its 2023 revenue target by collecting $868 million in gross road fees. This represents a 13% increase above their budget.

Ncube also revealed that Zinara allocated 88% of collected revenue to road-related disbursements and direct collection costs, with only 12% reserved for administration.

Zinara emphasised a transparent approach to allocating road funds to local authorities. Ncube explained: “Road funds are distributed to road authorities in accordance with the disbursement formula prescribed in the Road Act. After receiving their respective budgets, road authorities submit project proposals for their jurisdictions. These proposals are then reviewed by Zinara, and a proper approval process is followed.”

Beyond simply disbursing funds, Zinara also provides technical monitoring and evaluation support to road authorities through their provincial road engineers.

This support aims to empower them to effectively complete projects and submit necessary documentation for future disbursements.

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