ZimTrade promoting services exports

The country’s trade and exports promotion body, ZimTrade, says it has taken a deliberate position to promote the exporting of services into other countries by Zimbabwean companies and organisations.

ZimTrade, which in August organised a virtual business in partnership with the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC), is today hosting a webinar focusing on the services exports.

“ZimTrade in its current strategy outlines the development and promotion of export of services as a key objective,” said ZimTrade. 

“Insight into other countries has shown a growth in the contribution of services to total exports. Zimbabwe’s exports of services in 2019 were approximately US$440 million against global trade in services of US$5.8 trillion in 2018 with projections to grow to US$6 trillion in 2019 (UNCTAD).”

ZimTrade said following a stakeholder engagement seminar held in 2018, sectors such as Education, ICT, Financial Services, Tourism, Construction and Engineering services were identified to be the initial sectors of focus as the organisation strives to spread its service portfolio to the services sector. 

“ZimTrade is on a quest to assist companies in the services’ sector to develop exports,” explained the organisation. 

“The webinar will aim to conscientise players in the services sector on the steps to take to break into export of their services. Lessons from already exporting local companies as well as from the International Trade Centre and foreign players who have managed to venture into exports will be the focus of the webinar.”

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