Zimsec markers protest over allowances

Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) markers in Bulawayo, Wednesday, downed tools demanding to be paid their allowances in full.

The markers who are marking the 2020 “O” and “A” Level scripts were meant to receive ZWL$20 000 but only received ZWL$7 000 to ZWL$9 000 in their bank accounts.

This led to some examiners refusing to continue working, as they pointed out the money that was deposited was less than what they had agreed.

Sources told CITE that the agreement made with Zimsec was that the examiners would receive US$15.50 per day for 17 days, which is the duration of the marking period.

“But the money that was reflected into those who have CBZ bank accounts was not what people expected. Some received money ranging from ZWL$7000 to ZWL$9000. Others who have different banks from CBZ are yet to be paid,” sources said

Other sources said markers started marking on March 6, 2021 and they signed contracts that very same day.

“The monies expected are ranging from US$250 to US$350 if it is US dollars then it would be converted to local currency. This is money for transport, food and accommodation allowances as people are coming from different places. But when the monies started reflecting in the account they were in RTGS and is a far cry from what is expected,” said some of the markers.

Reached for comment, ZIMSEC Spokesperson, Nicky Dhlamini said the markers had not stopped working but raised concern as to why they had not received their full payment.

“First of all, I shouldn’t reveal their agreements, the same way you would not reveal your working agreement. It is up to the markers to reveal that as their initiative, since they want the matter to be exposed,” she said.

Dhlamini noted that the money that was paid into their bank accounts was just a part payment, of which the full amount would be processed soon.

“They received part payment and not a complete amount. This was not only in Bulawayo but the same in other places, even in Harare they had the same issue. It was a part payment because this time we had a number of examination centres we had to handle but the rest of the money will be processed by the end of this week and this was communicated to them. They didn’t stop working over this issue but it was an issue the markers raised and they are working,” said the ZIMSEC spokesperson.

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