Zimbabweans who received Sinopharm and Sinovac jabs can now travel to the US

Zimbabweans who received the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines are now eligible to the United States (US) after that country lifted severe travel restrictions and imposed new vaccine requirements.

From November 8, 2021, but with few exceptions, only foreign nationals vaccinated with approved vaccines for emergency use by the World Health Organisation (WHO) would be allowed to travel to the US.

This means Zimbabweans vaccinated with Sinopharm or Sinovac can board a plane and travel, as these vaccines are approved by WHO.

However, this order makes it difficult for unvaccinated non-American citizens to travel to the US.

US State Department Spokesman, Ned Price announced a new vaccination policy that will go on a factsheet for international travellers on November 8.

“As of November 8, foreign national travellers to the US will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to the US. This policy puts public health first. It is consistent and stringent protecting US citizens and residents as well as those who come to visit us. Because it puts public health first, exceptions to this policy will be extremely limited,” he said.

Price said exceptions would primarily be children under the age of 18 and certain individuals from countries where vaccines are not yet readily accessible.

“Those who are eligible to travel but not vaccinated will need to provide proof of a negative Covid-19  test within one day before their flight’s departure,” he said.

For those travellers who are vaccinated, the testing requirement remains three days before their flight.

The US official said this testing requirement applies to everyone, not just foreign nationals but also American citizens and lawful permanent residents.

“So please everyone,” Price highlighted.

He also advised US citizens that when travelling internationally, they must take their proof of vaccination with them.

“You will find many more details in documents published by the White House and the CDC as well as our website In the next two weeks, we will work with all of you, with travel industry stakeholders to make the implementation of this policy as smooth as possible for everyone. But beyond logistical details we want to emphasise that this policy will allow the resumption of international travel for those who are fully vaccinated,” said the US State Department Spokesman.

 “This policy will boost economic recovery and impact will be widespread across the US. We are excited to see this going to effect.”

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