Zimbabwe making progress on democracy and development, says Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that Zimbabwe continues to entrench constitutionalism and the rule of law post the recently concluded harmonised elections.

Mnangagwa was speaking at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. He reiterated that the country, despite being under imposed sanctions for 23 years, is working towards development.

“Zimbabwe continues to entrench democracy, constitutionalism, good governance and the rule of law, following the recently held 2023 Harmonised General Elections. I am pleased to highlight that our country enjoyed peace, before, during and after our free, fair, transparent and credible elections,” he said.

“Zimbabwe has been under the illegal, unilateral economic sanctions for 23 years, imposed by some Western countries. These sanctions were designed to subjugate the sovereign will of the Zimbabwean people. We, therefore, demand that the unjustified unilateral sanctions be unconditionally lifted, including those imposed on countries like Cuba. We remain grateful for the support and solidarity of progressive countries in the comity of nations.”

This is despite the opposition, mainly the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) disputing the election outcome arguing that the ruling party did not win the polls and are demanding a fresh election.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum said “ the pre- and post-election period was marked by systematic episodes of violence, which have increased tensions and suspicion between citizens and the state”

In what has become the go to statement, Mnangagwa added that Zimbabweans are a master of their own destiny and are making use of their local resources for economic development.

“In spite of these debilitating sanctions the people of Zimbabwe have become masters of their own destiny. This is anchored on a philosophy that as a people, we have the duty and responsibility of developing our country, using our own domestic resources. Partners and investors are welcome, guided by our own vision and national priority areas,” he said.

The president further claimed that Zimbabwe has been the fastest growing economy in the Southern Africa region for the past three years.

“Zimbabwe is prioritizing the eradication of poverty and improving the quality of life of our people, particularly, those in rural areas,” he said.

Mnangagwa also noted that Zimbabwe has not been spared from the negative impact of climate change and the government continues to make the requisite investment in infrastructure to mitigate and build resilience towards climate change adaptation.

“Dams are being built across the country. In addition, we have begun an ambitious and yet achievable programme to sink solar powered boreholes in each of our country’s 35 000 rural villages and schools. Alongside each of these water points are commercial nutritional gardens for the empowerment of women and youth. Through the use of our own resources, we have constructed an unprecedented number of schools, clinics and provided other social amenities, throughout our communities.”

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