Zim nurse opens another training school in Namibia

A Bulawayo woman who established a nursing training school in Windhoek, Namibia, has expanded her operations and established another training facility in Rundu.

Rundu is the capital of the Kavango region in north-eastern Namibia and Namibia’s second largest city.

Rutendo Zvidza of Nkulumane suburb, moved to Namibia in 2013 to work as a nurse.

Her nursing school, PMT Healthcare Institute in Windhoek, accepted its first class of students in January 2021 for a Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery, who are expected to graduate early next year.


In an interview with CITE, Zvidza expressed her excitement about the expansion project, stating that her dream was to groom competent nurses to deliver quality services to clients.

“PMT Health Care Institute has expanded to another town, Rundu, which is about 800km away from Windhoek. The centre will start classes next year in March 2023. Of late, we were busy with renovations and logistics of opening the school, which has been done. Inspection of the school has also been done,” she said.

According to Zvidza, the training centre will offer a two-year diploma programme in Enrolled Nursing in Midwifery Science.

“On completion, nursing recruits are referred to as enrolled nurses. These are the nurses who will contribute to the improvement of Namibia’s and the world’s healthcare delivery systems,” she said.

“I am delighted that PMT Health Institute is expanding as a school and this is our second branch for the diploma in Enrolled Nursing in Midwifery Science.”

Zvidza stated that the school has received full accreditation from the Namibian Training Authority and is now fully accredited to offer two additional health courses, Occupational Health and Safety and Counselling Services.

“The goal of the training centre is to produce and groom nurses who are highly competent and professional in order to positively impact the hearts of all Namibians and everyone,” she said.

“I am pushing by God’s grace. It can only be God who has seen me through, as well as the help I receive from my entire family, particularly my mother, sister, and children, who are always rallying behind me.”

She also mentioned that PMT Health Care Institution has a sister school, Welwitchia Health Training Centre, which has university status.

“Welwitchia is also a centre of excellence in Namibia. Because we are in the same industry, PMT and Welwitchia will collaborate on academics and other curriculum issues,” Zvidza said.

“We will collaborate and make sure we groom nothing but the best and of the best of students.”

Zvidza stated the expansion of her nursing training school was testimony of God’s works, adding that “prayer can unlock many doors.”

“All this can only be through Christ that we worship. One thing for sure that I can tell you is I have managed to do this because of prayer. I grew up in a family that was not well up, where people never thought someone like me could do something like this in life or be in a position to touch the world the way I’m doing now but by the grace of God, I never stopped praying,” she said.

“I never stopped kneeling and praying to God. For real I can say that I’m an example of the wonders that God can do. I’m still trying, little by little, to learn from the gurus who have done these things before and to follow in their footsteps. So, at the end of the day, by grooming the best nurses, we can bring positivity to the world.”

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  1. Good day. I’m interested to train as a nurse, I passed my schooling in 1999 and passed with 7 O’level including English and Sciences.

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