ZAPU: Mnangagwa’s cabinet appointments show disregard for democracy

The opposition ZAPU party has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of displaying dictatorial tendencies during the recent cabinet announcement.

ZAPU National Organiser Ndodana Moyo said the president’s responses to journalists’ questions demonstrated that he does as he pleases and is not accountable to anyone.

Moyo pointed to Mnangagwa’s response to a question about the re-appointment of Dr Kirsty Coventry, who has been criticised for her performance as Minister of Sport, Arts and Recreation.

Mnangagwa said that he was the appointer and the appointee reported to him and that if anyone was dissatisfied with the appointment, they should become president and appoint someone else.

Moyo said that this was an arrogant and undiplomatic response and that it showed that Mnangagwa is not interested in listening to the concerns of the people.

He also cited the recent appointments of vice presidents and cabinet members with deputies as evidence of Mnangagwa’s disregard for democratic principles.

“In the face of a fraudulent election, one would expect him to show some remorse, but instead he goes ahead and appoints his buddies, couples, and family,” Moyo said. “This is a clear sign that he is not interested in building a government that is accountable to the people.”

Moyo said that the way in which the Zimbabwean election was conducted, as well as Mnangagwa’s swearing-in and subsequent appointments, showed that Zimbabwe was heading nowhere.

“Despite the concerns expressed by observer missions such as SADC, the attacks launched by Zanu PF members and the government against those who spoke out show that they don’t care how you feel about Zimbabwe progressing,” he said.

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