Zanu-PF members threaten to invade CCC candidate’s farm

Losing Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Umzingwane parliamentary candidate Mcebisi Ndlovu has reportedly received threats from suspected Zanu-PF members who are plotting to invade his farm.

Ndlovu lost to the incumbent Retired Brigadier-General Levi Mayihlome in the recently held elections.

A leaked WhatsApp chat exposed the plan, which is also targeting some CCC members who won council seats in the district.

In the chat, one of the participants said that Zanu-PF should “take the war to CCC opposition members” and that “our youth should invade Mcebisi’s farm”.

They also said that all CCC members should be removed from the land and that CCC councillors should be subjected to “a lot of harassment”.

Another participant said that government inputs should be handled by Zanu-PF councillors, elected or not.

“They should not see any development, all presidential inputs must be handled by the Zanu-PF councillors,” they said.

Ndlovu said he was trying to report the matter to the police, but that they had told him they needed the person who sent him the chat to be a witness.

“It’s tragic, it’s common that we live under the fear of ZANU-PF,” he said.

“If they can threaten a candidate what about the simple voter? If they can threaten me because I dared to stand as a candidate, how would they deal with that person?”

Ndlovu said it was disturbing that the Zanu-PF members were saying those councillors who have won won’t receive any welfare inputs from the state.

“They won’t be allowed to work; it is only their losing councillors and anyone who is connected to Zanu-PF that will be allowed to work,” he said.

“To me, this is the truth that in this country we are subjected to intimidation.”

Mayihlome said he saw the chats but could not comment further as they do not involve him.

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