Zanu PF has turned Zimbabweans into laughing stock

Zanu’s PF administrative failures have made Zimbabweans a nuisance in other countries, as many locals continue fleeing their home country in search of a better life elsewhere, decried Nelson Chamisa, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader.

Delivering the party’s 2022 Agenda, the CCC interim president said the country was going through multiple problems every day, where everything was a struggle for ordinary people, a situation that was chasing Zimbabweans away.

“We are faced with a terrible national situation and circumstances in our country yet we must find a permanent answer. There are no grants, no fuel, no power, no food, no money, no jobs and the cost of living is so unbearable,” he said.

“People cannot access basic medical services, not to mention the challenges civil servants’ teachers, nurses are going through. Many are struggling to eke a living – pensioners, our beloved war vets hardly survive but corruption has become a national religion and anthem.”

Chamisa said life has become so tough in both rural and urban areas, but the government was abusing food distribution using it as a partisan political weapon against those perceived to be against the government

“Men are still migrating from the country and it is highly undignified that we have become a nuisance to other countries and a laughing stock among peers,” said the opposition leader.

“Wherever people are going, we are treated like lepers thanks to a bad governance system in the country, the corruption and a dysfunctional economy, breakdown of the rule of law and rigging of elections. This is what is driving a lot of people away.”

Chamisa bemoaned how Zimbabwean citizens were placed in difficult circumstances and were wandering in foreign lands.

“They fear a lack of leadership at home, nevertheless we continue to pay tribute to fellow citizens in the Diaspora who despite all these challenges, have become a critical lifeline not only to struggling families but the entire nation,” he said.

The CCC leader praised the resilience of those abroad, saying they had represented Zimbabwe very well at the various workplaces.

“Where ever they have gone, they have become de facto ambassadors because of the greatness they exhibited. Zimbabweans are great and smart people,” Chamisa stated.

“On the home front, it is hard to imagine how most families would have survived but thanks to the help of the Diaspora, you are the top foreign currency earner. Thanks for supporting us. Despite Covid-19 challenges, you have done very well.”

He also lamented how the government continued denying the diaspora their right to citizenship.

“This right has not been respected despite their sterling contribution to the economy. There’s an old adage that goes, ‘There can never be taxation without representation.’ The government is so eager to tax diaspora and benefit from them but don’t want them to represent themselves. It’s a shame not to have a right to vote,” Chamisa said.

“This denial is against SADC guidelines and what happens in the African continent. Zimbabweans in the Diaspora are disenfranchised and discarded.”

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