Zanu-PF activist arrested for assaulting MDC MP in court

Zimbabwean Lawyer and Zanu PF activist Advocate Tinomudaishe Chinyoka has been arrested for assaulting and threatening Gweru Urban Member of Parliament, Brian Dube at Gweru Magistrate Court yesterday.

In a recent tweet, Advocate Chinyoka confirmed his arrest and reviewed that his hearing will be on Friday.

“Honorable Brian Dube and Jeremiah Bamu concocted a false assault charge against me to secure my arrest and removal from Court. Instead of representing their client, they are busy lying and consorting with mobs to assault lawyers and witnesses,” read the tweet.

In an interview, Dube said he had since written a letter to the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) notifying the association of the altercation between him and Chinyoka.

“My name is Dube Brian a legal Practitioner with Gundu, Dube and Pamacheche Legal Practitioners in Gweru.  Today (on the 18th February 2019) at Gweru Magistrates Court and in Court number 3, whilst at the bar waiting to represent a client in a trial, I was attacked by a person who I eventually got to know as Tinomudaishe Chinyoka, in the following manner: He charged towards me from the back and assaulted me by pressing me hard on my right collar bone with force and I felt pain.

“He proceeded to threaten that he will deal with me with unspecified action for allegedly pissing him off. When the court adjourned, the same Tinomudaishe Chinyoka approached me and continued with the same threats bragging that he was powerful and connected and was going to deal with me. The threats were reported to the Magistrate an a formal report was lodged at Gweru Central Police Station,” he said.

Dube said Chinyoka had been deployed by Zanu Pf to spy on lawyers dealing with cases of the alleged National Shutdown.

“Through my investigations, I have gathered that he is a Legal Practitioner and currently deployed to monitor on behalf of the Party to which he belongs the lawyers who are dealing with cases of the alleged National Shutdown.

“The same person is cited in my client’s defense as the one coordinating and coaching witnesses in Midlands against opposition members.

“I feel violated, and professionally interfered with. I am now working under fear and this seriously affects my independence in doing my professional work,” said Dube.

Advocate Chinyoka could not be reached for further comments as he did not answer his calls.

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