ZACC sets up integrity committees at public institutions

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC ) is setting up integrity committees at all public institutions as part of the efforts to combat and eradicate corruption.

This was revealed during Matobo Rural District Council (MRDC) full council meeting held recently.

Speaking during the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer, Elvis Sibanda said the aim of the integrity committee is to put measures that can help prevent corruption.

“ZAAC through a workshop that was attended by the council chairperson, audit chairperson and CEOs embarked on a program to have all institutions, parastatals and local authorities establish integrity committees. The main thrust of the integrity committee is to ensure compliance checks, combat and eradicate corruption, to put measures that can help prevent corruption, develop policies and systems and to craft the integrity strategy,” he said.

Sibanda said these tasks were the mandate of ZAAC.

“It has been realised that ZACC is overwhelmed with work hence the need to decentralise to the local level and within the institution,” he said.

Sibanda said the introduction of such a committee will help the local authority to close all possible loopholes that may be in existence.

“All institutions will be mandated to submit progress reports twice a year that is by 30 June and 30 December. In this regard council has to come up with members of the integrity committee from staff members,” he said.

Sibanda said a special human resources and development committee will have to convene and appoint members of the committee.

“This means that the terms of reference for the HR committee will have to be adjusted to include receiving reports from the integrity committee,” said Sibanda.

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