‘Youths have potential to spur development’

Twenty-four-year-old Binga North parliamentary aspirant Disciple Mukuli says young people have the potential to develop their communities.  

Mukuli, who is standing as an independent in the March 26 by-elections made the remarks during a Twitter space on the Election Debate series for Binga North aspiring Members of Parliament (MP) candidates hosted by the Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE).

The parliamentary seat became vacant following the recall of Prince Dubeko Sibanda from Parliament in October 2020.

Sibanda is seeking to reclaim his seat and will go up against Mukuli, Kudakwashe Mavula Munsaka (Zanu PF), Clive Muzamba (UDA) and Peggy Mudimba (MDC-A).

“I think what will make people vote for me is age. The youths are the potential of the area, if you undermine them, you undermine the potential of the development of that area. As the youths, we are concerned about the development of our area. Binga North is my area of origin so they know where I stay, it will be much easier for them to elect me, to elect someone from their area,” said Mukuli.

The youthful politician added that he since launched his political campaign.

Mukuli said he will focus on facilitating the construction of a science laboratory in the community as the district performs poorly in science subjects.

“You look at schools there is a lot that has to be done, we don’t have a community radio station in Binga, we don’t have a single library or science laboratory,” he said

Mukuli said he will also deal with poor network connectivity as the area is still facing connectivity challenges.

“If I win, I will work on these problems to make sure that the area is accessible in terms of roads, we have resources but surprisingly we are the poorest it means we are lacking somewhere, somehow so If I win its something that I will work on and every person benefits from the tourism it’s a small thing that needs a follow-up.”

He added “There is ivory, tourists are coming in but that money is not doing the work that it is supposed to be doing, it’s a matter of following up and putting things in order for the benefit of the community.”

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