Youth org tackles drug abuse

A local youth organisation, Active Youth Zimbabwe (AYZ), is working on establishing a drug rehabilitation centre in Pumula to assist community members who are struggling with drug addiction and mental illnesses.

There is a growing number of people reportedly struggling with drug abuse and mental illnesses, with professional psychiatrists attributing it to the economic challenges in the country.

In an interview with CITE, AYZ Director Romeo Matshazi said youths who use alcohol and other drugs are often isolated in communities.

“Socially youths who use alcohol and other related drugs may be alienated from and stigmatised by their peers. They often disengage from school and community activities because of their substance abuse, depriving their peers and communities of the positive contributions they might otherwise make,” said Matshazi.

Active Youth Zimbabwe director, Romeo Matshazi

 He said the rehabilitation centre will offer drug addiction therapy and sessions.

“We will start addiction therapy, sessions and drug rehabilitation services like withdrawal program, detox and youth recreational activities.

Matshazi said temporary offices will be set up in the site to offer services while waiting for a permanent building.

“Temporary offices will be set in mid-February to start services in form of caravans and containers,” he said.

“We will also set up a netball and football field within the stand so that they can start utilizing the site upon its launch as sporting activities are also part of the rehabilitation processes.

Matshazi added: “Drug and substance abuse also jeopardise many aspects of family life and may result in dysfunctional families. Monitory expenditures and emotional distress related to alcohol and drug related crimes by youths affect many others in communities.”

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