WOZA goes after drug lords

Hundreds of residents from the western suburbs of Bulawayo took to the streets of Entumbane on Monday demanding the arrest of drug lords who sell drugs to schoolchildren.

The demonstration was organised by Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) who later presented a petition to the police calling for the prosecution of these drug peddlers.

The petition identified some of the drug peddlers in the high density surburb, including a woman identified as MaHadebe.

MaHadebe, allegedly a well known drug peddler, is accused of selling illegal drugs like Broncleer (Ngoma) and Marijuana (Mbanje) to schoolchildren.

Since 2014, residents have tried unsuccessfully to have her prosecuted for her alleged crimes.

According to Jenni Williams, founder of WOZA the demonstration came about after police allegedly told the residents that MaHadebe could not be prosecuted without evidence.

“The police said the problem is they can’t arrest her and take her to court without evidence, as the case would not be prosecuted,” said Williams

“In response, we then told the police that we will not accept this and for that reason we are here at MaHadebe’s house to tell her that she has to vacate.”

Another WOZA activist, Magodonga Mahlangu added that they took to the streets because the police have failed the residents.
“We cannot allow one person to destroy the future of our children, it is unacceptable. We are giving the police two weeks to arrest her and have her vacate from Entumbane.”

Parents who also spoke to CITE said it was worrisome that MaHadebe is allowed to benefit from an unscrupulous business that is destroying young people.

“Our children are now living at the mercy of these drug lords and they are no longer attending classes because of one person,” said Siza Mpofu, a resident from Entumbane.

“Our children are now stealing money from us in order to buy these drugs and it is not good at all. MaHadebe must be punished for all the troubles she has caused and brought with her drug business.”

Elliot Nkosi, another resident added: “It is painful to see a 15 year old boy vomiting blood because of the drugs he consumed. This has to come to an end.”

When the protesters arrived at MaHedebe’s house, she had already fled from her house.
However, Williams said they would not rest until she was behind bars.

“If the police are protecting her we are going to take the protest to where the law is. The law is failing to prosecute her yet it must make a point that no one is above the law. The police must find evidence to arrest her,” she bemoaned.


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