Women push for talks to resolve national crisis

Women’s Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence (WALPE) has called for an urgent inclusive national dialogue to resolve the current national crisis, which the non-governmental organisation says affects women the most.

In a statement released on Monday, WALPE said the deepening economic crisis dating back to last year’s national elections was taking a toll on girls and women and therefore needed to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

This comes at a time when the ZANU-PF Government-initiated Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) but snubbed by the main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has failed to yield tangible results on the ground.

Prices of basic commodities and transport fares have shot beyond the reach of many citizens while people’s incomes continue to be eroded, with the government not doing much to address the dire situation.

“WALPE notes with serious concern the deepening crisis in the country which is taking a heavy toll on women and children,” said WALPE in a statement.

“Since the national elections in July 2018, the country has been on an accelerated descent into the abyss as multiple crises in the political, economic and social spheres continue to unravel without end. It is women and girls who are hurting the most from the national crises, which have seen a total breakdown in the social contract and all other service sectors, which are crucial to the livelihoods and rights of women and girls.”

The organisation said the collapse of the health service delivery was affecting females the most.

“It is women who are dying while giving birth and also have the onerous task of caring for the sick that cannot be treated in hospitals,” said WALPE.

The organisation added women, as home managers were the most affected by electricity and water challenges bedevilling the country.

“As WALPE, we, therefore, call on the government of Zimbabwe and all stakeholders to urgently push for an inclusive national dialogue to resolve the dire situation which is hurting women more,” said WALPE.

“The Zimbabwean crisis bears the face of a woman and we have suffered enough. It’s time there be genuine and inclusive dialogue to provide a soft landing for women.”

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