Women in politics challenged to be equal to the task

Women in politics have been challenged to be equal to the task and fully represent the interests of other females once elected into public offices.

This came out during a women’s rights interface consultative meeting in Bulawayo Thursday.

The indaba, organised by the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) and coming a few days after the just held March 26 by-elections, ran under the theme: “Enhancing women’s participation in electoral processes in Zimbabwe.”

Speaking at the indaba, WCoZ chairperson Nomuhle Nyoni said it was important for women to demonstrate their capabilities adding that just being a woman is not enough.

“Women, we are not going to be voted for because we are biologically women; may I express that,” she said.

“We must be leaders and the Women’s Coalition and other organisations are training women. We are saying we want women of integrity. That’s why when you go to Parliament you just keep quiet when they tell you that you are BACCOSS (beneficiary of the proportional representation) because you know of yourself as such.”

She added: “It’s a pity that I am not in that Parliament. I would have told them head high, shoulders up, stomach in, I am in here legally.  Do you get me? I didn’t get in here through the back door.”

Another participant said it was unfortunate that women do not want to vote for one another.

“You will have the shock of your life,” she said.

“You will realise that women will not vote for you. That syndrome of pulling down one another is still there. ‘If we vote for her she will become proud.’ But do you know what? If as women we have been voted into Parliament we have to perform and address women’s challenges. Let’s learn to support one another as women.”

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