Women In Business urged to secure own markets

Minister of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises, Sithembiso Nyoni has urged women in food value addition business to utilise their skills in order to secure their own markets.

Speaking at a Women In Business meeting in Bulawayo, Friday, Minister Nyoni said women should use their businesses to enhance the country’s economy.

“When there is a crisis at home, church or nation and you are not part of the solution, you may never be part of the future. You are preparing yourselves to be part of the future when this crisis ends. It does not matter what or where it is, you must continue to be in charge of your own destiny,” Nyoni said.

She commended the diversity and productivity women have showcased citing it has made them undependant on foreign products.

“I am impressed by the spirit you have of doing things for yourself, especially the spirit of wanting to be in the productive sector. You have made diverse products.

“Unless you produce your own, you remain dependent on other people’s products. Producing your own means you are increasing the value chain. Agriculture is the basis for any value chain,” she said.

She added there are some women who are doing horticulture and are producing various vegetables.

She said there are some who are into animal husbandry.

Minister Nyoni encouraged the women to have their own shops where they will sell their products.

“Let us not be defeated by the economic storm. If men are failing, we must succeed. As women in business you must have your own supermarkets where you will sell your own products,” she said.

Some of the products made by women in business include Vaseline, peanut butter, drinks, soap and agricultural produce.

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