West Nicholson miner loses R200K to armed robbers

By Vumani Mthiyane

Armed robbers went away with about R200 000 after raiding a West Nicholson miner on Tuesday night, Matabeleland South police have confirmed.

The robbery occurred at stand number 130 Johnslee, West Nicholson area around 22.00 hours where a female miner, Egneta Dlamini (61) was asleep at her compound with four other relatives.

Matabeleland South Police Provincial Spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the robbery case which is being investigated by the Criminal Investigating Department (CID).

“I can confirm that our police officers from the CID are investigating a robbery case that occurred at West Nicholson area yesterday night where a 61-year-old miner was robbed of cash amounting to R200 000 at gunpoint,” confirmed Insp. Mangena.

Circumstances are that on Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 22.00hrs, four men who were putting on blue work suits with yellow reflectors and armed with a pistol pounced on the unsuspecting victim who was sleeping in her bedroom and demanded cash.

Fearing for her life the miner complied and gave them all the cash amounting to R200 000 rand.

Inspector Mangena urged business owners to desist from keeping large sums in their homes.

“People bank their monies for safekeeping because keeping huge sums in their custody can attract robbers who might be tipped that such a person keeps money at home,” urged Insp Mangena.

Meanwhile, seven armed robbers raided Horn mine in Lutshonkwe area on the outskirts of Gwanda on Monday evening and made off with unprocessed gold. 

The value of the stolen gold has not been established. 

According to information shared on the Matabeleland South Miners Whatsapp group, the armed robbers disarmed security guards first before helping themselves to the unprocessed gold. 

“They disarmed the security guard and tied all the workers before stealing the gold and other stuff,” said a miner informing other members of the group. 

The robbers also stole a car belonging to the mine owner which they left later dumped in the bush.

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