Well-wishers tell father not to take child to hospital

A Hwange man has expressed displeasure at what he alleges to be his side-lining by some family members and well-wishers on matters to do with his 6-year-old son’s eye operation.

Tanyala Ncube said his son needs medical attention for a growth in his left eye that developed early this year.

Doctors suspect the child may have cancer and as a result insisted that the family conducts medical scans to ascertain his exact condition.

However, Ncube said some individuals who claim to be well-wishers have started jostling over taking charge of the fundraising campaign for his child’s medical needs.

“As a family, we do need assistance we can receive but I am now failing to understand the commotion coming from other well-wishers who now want to take charge,” he told CITE in an interview.

Ncube said he was based in Hwange and would take his child to hospital all the time yet now well-wishers are telling him to step aside.

“My child was staying with his mother in Lusulu, Binga,” he said. “In February, I brought him to Hwange and took him to the Colliery Hospital, which referred us to an eye specialist at Richard Morris Hospital in Bulawayo. The eye was operated on but the doctor suspected that it could be a form of cancer so we were referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for a CT scan.”

Ncube said since he is unemployed and as a result he started looking for funds.

In March, he managed to work with Charity Mukwasani based in Canada and members of the Hwange community to raise funds, while Qoki ZiNdlovukazi Community Organisation, a member-driven women’s organisation came on board on April end.

Qoki ZiNdlovukazi raised US$1 220 while the Hwange community donated $200 towards the cause.

“I rely on odd jobs and since the lockdown it has been tough to secure a job, which is why I started looking for funds. I am grateful to Qoki ZiNdlovukazi and the Hwange community who have assisted us. I have since collected these funds and grateful for all the assistance as it would go a long way,” Ncube said.

He claims that the family’s plea for help seems to have been hijacked by some individuals, whose motives he does not trust.

“There are some people now who seem to want to take charge. We are supposed to have results of the CT scan and this morning I was informed by my in-law that I must not accompany them to the hospital because I must not be seen by those who are helping out. My question then is, it is proper for me the father not to take my child to the hospital. I have been doing so since February.”

Ncube said he now wondered whether these well-wishers were relay genuine on helping out or wanted ways to abuse the funds.

“At the end of the day my child and his ordeal would be taken advantage as some people will abuse the funds hiding behind us. I am not happy with this,” he said.

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