Water supplies cut off at Tredgold Building over unpaid bills

Tredgold Building in Bulawayo has reportedly gone for five days without water after supply was reportedly cut off by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) for failure to pay bills.

The building houses the Bulawayo Magistrates Courts, Labour Court, Department of Surveyor General, Department of Social Services, Registrar General’s office, Local Government Ministry, and Umguza District Coordinator’s office.

Staffers who spoke to CITE on condition of anonymity expressed fear of an outbreak of diseases at a time when the country is still battling to control the spread of Covid-19 which require people

“There are a lot of people who come in here for different reasons. They cannot be controlled. Imagine the state of the toilets here. The stench from there is unbearable. As for us who spend the whole day here working, how are we expected to work in a space that has no water or ablution facilities,” said a source.

Another source blamed the government for not paying the bills on time.

“If the government was paying in time we wouldn’t have been in this situation right now. We are not the ones who are supposed to pay the bills but we are made to suffer by working in an environment that is unconducive. How are we expected to manage all the people who come and go? Continuing to work here without water is extremely dangerous,” fumed the source.

Magistrate in charge at Bulawayo magistrate’s court Enias Magate declined to comment on the matter saying he has no jurisdiction to do so.

Bulawayo City Council public relations department had not responded to questions emailed to them at the time of publishing.

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