Voters pledge to re-elect recalled opposition members

Voters in constituencies and wards where opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors were recalled have expressed their determination to vote for their recalled representatives in the upcoming December 9 by-elections.

Despite concerns raised by some parties about voter fatigue and disillusionment with the country’s political landscape, CCC supporters say they are ready to cast their ballot.

In interviews with CITE, CCC supporters expressed their unwavering support for their recalled representatives.

Nancy Moyo, a 72-year-old resident of Ward 20 in Nkulumane, said recalls were not initiated by the electorate and that they will vote again for the same candidates they voted for in August.

“We did not trigger the recalls or the by-elections so we will go out and vote again for the same candidates we voted for in August,” she declared.

Moyo expressed disappointment with the recalls, stating that they had hurt the voters and that they were unaware of the reasons behind the removals.

She reiterated their desire for a movement that would work for the betterment of their communities and their children.

Bornfree Ndlovu, a 37-year-old resident of Ward 21, echoed Moyo’s sentiments, staing that the recalls were unnecessary and that the electorate bore the brunt of the decision.

“The recalls are unnecessary because people will vote for the same candidates who were recalled. We will go and vote on Saturday but this whole situation is wasting people’s money and wasting resources because those who were recalled will go back to Parliament again,” he asserted.

Ndlovu criticised Tshabangu’s attempt to bar the recalled CCC MPs and councillors from contesting in the by-elections and using the party name, stating that it was a “non-starter” as the people had already chosen their representatives.

“That’s a non-starter. The will of the people was practised in August when we voted for them. It is the will of the people that will be seen on Saturday. We don’t have double candidates. Tshabangu has his candidates and here in the CCC we are one,” he declared.

Ndlovu highlighted the challenge posed by authorities who disregarded the will of the people, stating that they voted but their will was violated.

He also expressed concern that the recalls were diverting attention from addressing the disputed August elections.

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