Vote out corrupt Zanu PF: Nkomo

Zimbabweans have been urged to vote for leaders who will not abuse state resources to benefit their families at the expense of the general populace. 

These remarks were made by ZAPU President Sibangilizwe Nkomo, during a press conference where he presented his Independence Day message. 

Today Zimbabwe marks 43 years of independence from colonial rule. 

Nkomo said the current government has failed the people and is using the country’s resources to benefit themselves and their families.   

“Recent media revelations have exposed how the first family has privatised the country into some personal property. They are parcelling out our resources and properties like confetti. Our past years have registered uneven development and massive job losses. State-sponsored violence has assumed alarming levels with no sign of de-escalating,” he said. 

“Our politics is transacted through a currency of intimidation, abductions, disappearances and murder perpetrated by the ruling elite. A stable, transparent and accountable administration can only be realised if we all put the future of the country first by making the right choices in the coming elections.” 

He added “As we prepare to usher in a new administration, seriously consider the following issues, revolution, strengthening of independent commissions and respect for the principle of separation of power. Our civil service should never be allowed to be involved in active politics. Ministers and their relatives must not be involved in business with government. Our traditional leaders should stay away from active politics.  

Nkomo called for justice to prevail and all those implicated in the Gold Mafia scandal to be prosecuted.

“We demand accountability for all those implicated in the gold mafia scandal. Those holding government offices must be relieved of government duties. Those found guilty must check into Chikurubi and be guests of the State. We demand the immediate release of prisoners of conscience like Job Sikhala and all MRP activists,” he said.

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