Vic Falls water supplies cut off

By Judith Sibanda 

VICTORIA Falls residents have endured a day without running water after the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) switched off power at the city pump station due to a $10 million debt owed by the local authority.

This has not only affected residents but critical infrastructure such hospitals, hotels and the business centres at a time when the country is fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stranded residents had to resort to fetching water from boreholes.

“The City of Victoria Falls wishes to notify its valued residents and stakeholders that power at the Waterworks and Aerodrome water stations have been disconnected, thereby disrupting water supplies in the whole city,” the local authority said in a statement.

“The local authority is engaged with power utility to try and get services restored.”

Council urged residents to pay their bills which has spiraled to over Z$20 million. 

“VFCC is committed to offering seamless services with your support and residents are encouraged to honour their bill payments obligation to enjoy uninterrupted services.” 

ZETDC’s spokesperson Prisca Utete was unreachable on her mobile phone.

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