Use approved bus termini, bus operators urged

In an effort to minimise touting and soliciting for passengers in undesignated places, the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has urged long-distance intercity bus operators to use designated bus termini.

Renkini, Nkulumane and Entumbane bus termini are the designated pick-up points for long-distance routes.

Last month, city officials stated that intercity bus operators are the primary violators of traffic laws and city bylaws, as they are difficult to regulate, operate independently, making it difficult for BCC to enforce traffic laws and prevent their drivers or touts from soliciting passengers at undesignated locations.

BCC Corporate Communications Manager, Nesisa Mpofu said buses going to Harare, Masvingo, Gwanda and Beitbridge must rank at Renkini Terminus.

Those going to Plumtree rank at Nkulumane Country Terminus while buses plying the Victoria Falls route must rank at Entumbane Country Bus Terminus.

“A bus terminus allows a bus to rank and load passengers and goods without interfering with other road users and this may be over an extended time period depending on the bus’s timetable,” she said.

“It should be noted that picking up of passengers in the Central Business District (CBD) is not permitted save for designated termini which are advised to the bus operators.”

HARAREERenkini Terminus proceeds down 2nd Street turning right onto Third Avenue extension turning left into Joshua Mqabuko Street then right onto First Avenue, proceeding down Harare Road to Harare.
PLUMTREE Nkulumane Country Bus Terminus proceed northwards down Siye-Pambili Drive then turn right onto Plumtree Road, proceeding down Plumtree Road to Plumtree.
VICTORIA FALLSEntumbane Country Bus Terminus proceed down Luveve Road turning right onto Siye-Pambili Drive, proceed down Siye-Pambili turning left onto Victoria Falls Road, proceeding Victoria Falls Road to Victoria Falls.
MASVINGO/GWANDA/BEITBRIDGEERenkini Terminus proceed down 2nd Street turning right onto Third Avenue extension turning right onto Fort Street then left onto Fourth Avenue proceeding down Fourth Avenue onto 7th Street turning right onto George Avenue then turning left onto Leopold Takawira Avenue Extension  proceeding down Leopold Takawira Extension into Gwanda road to Masvingo/Beitbridge.

Mpofu added that the city also provides pick-up spots, which allows buses to stop and pick up passengers in a very short amount of time, rather than allowing buses to rank or park for an extended period.

“Bus operators are aware of the existing routes and there is also continuous engagement with them to discuss arising operational issues such as illegal ranks and pick up points. For example, the buses plying the Harare, Masvingo, Gwanda and Beitbridge Routes however can pick up passengers from the 2nd Ave and Samuel Parirenyatwa Street Rank,” she said.

On January 9, 2023, BCC convened stakeholders to discuss the chaos produced by transport operators in the city, with numerous bus operators and haulage trucks in attendance.

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