University of Matopo on the cards

The Brethren in Christ Church’s (BICC) investment in the education sector in Zimbabwe is set to deepen following the announcement of plans to establish a university.

The church is already running some schools such as Matopo High School, Mtshabezi High School and Wanezi High School among others.

Plans are now afoot to establish the University of Matopo.

In a joint letter to the congregation, Bishop Sinda Ngulube and the chairperson of the University of Matopo Trust (UMT) Professor Henry Sibanda, announced that the church had mandated UMT to “rekindle the flames of the dream for our church’s university.

The project will be officially launched on 29 January and a fund will be established to raise money for the construction of the university.

“This launch fundraising aims a minimum of US$30 000. This being the amount required for the registration of the University of Matopo by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE). This is the document that allows the University of Matopo to operate in Zimbabwe,” they said.

On the day, all congregations will hold services with a theme for the University where prayers, sermons and giving will be dedicated to this cause.

“All contributions big and small will be welcome and highly appreciated by UMT ‘Imifulaigcwaliswayizifudlana’. Going forward there will be more activities involving all church members on a regular and continuous basis,” said the church authorities.

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