Umguza community donates vital medication to Igusi clinic

Sibambene project, a group of locals from Igusi village in Umguza District have donated critical medication to Igusi Community Clinic, a development that will in a move that was praised by villagers who get services from the health facility.

The clinic is located about 80 kilometres from Bulawayo, the country’s second-largest city.

Sibambene Project was formed a year ago by locals, some of who are now based overseas.  

Every member pays a monthly subscription of R50 to contribute towards development initiatives.

Speaking during a handover ceremony, on Wednesday,  Sibambene representative, Xolisani Moyo urged other community members to join the organisation.

Xolisani Moyo

“Our main wish is to see the family growing even bigger because this benefits the whole village because no one will come all the way from other places to reach out to us and,” Moyo said.

Sibusisiwe Ndlovu

Another project representative, Sibusisiwe Ndlovu said “We were born from the area and that is where our roots lie. We want to build a legacy for our community and we couldn’t forget where we are coming from. We will do whatever we can to see our community develop,” she said.

The clinic treats 122 patients suffering from hypertension, 19 from asthma while those with mental illness are 14.

The clinic also takes care of 12 people with epilepsy, 17 with diabetes and those with heart problems are 7 as well as 5 suffering from anaemia.

Acting Sister in Charge of the clinic, Nkululeko Ndlovu the health facility reached out to the organisation to assist with medication.

“We serve a total of 196 patients with those chronic diseases and these drugs will go a long way considering economic challenges which everyone is facing, medication is expensive nowadays.

Here in Igusi we have a serious shortage of medication for people suffering from chronic diseases yet they are drugs that someone has to take daily that are why we asked for a hand from Sibambene.

We are very grateful for this gesture and I also urge members of this community to copy what Sibambene has done. We have seen some sorry scenarios where mothers come here to deliver their babies without even a nappy to wrap the baby on, so I plead with you to assist wherever necessary,” Ndlovu said.

The local councillorJohannes Sibanda encouraged the community to come up with more development-oriented projects.

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