Ugesi Energy Powers over 250 homes in Zim and SA with solar amidst power shortages

Ugesi Energy, a leading regional premium residential solar company that specialises in hybrid systems and small businesses, has installed over 250 high-end solar systems with lithium batteries and inverters in Zimbabwe and South Africa as part of its commitment to providing cutting-edge technologies and much-needed energy security in the face of regional power shortages. 

The solar company said the challenges in power security faced by homes and businesses have adversely affected the quality of life for consumers who have had to rely on expensive and environmentally unfriendly generators to keep their lights on.  

So far, successful installations in key areas include Borrowdale Brooke, Glen Lorne, Dainfern in Zimbabwe and Sandton, Cape Town, Durban in South Africa, among other places. 

Ugesi Energy said the growing demand for alternative power sources has led to the emergence of many solar system installers, with a proliferation of low-grade inverter and battery systems. 

“To address this, Ugesi Energy has positioned itself as a trusted partner that works exclusively with top-tier technologies, which typically carry warranties of more than 10 years, along with system guarantees. These are further supported by 24-hour monitoring of the systems,” the company said in a statement. 

 Ugesi Energy, a subsidiary of Distributed Power Africa (DPA) said they offer system sizes ranging from 5kW to 50kW, capable of meeting essential power needs, including lighting, connectivity, televisions, refrigeration, and water pumps. 

“Leveraging residential roofs for solar power is not only a smart decision but also economically attractive. Homes equipped with solar systems can expect nearly a 20 percent increase in real estate value appreciation compared to those without,” said the company.

“We have partnered with leading technology suppliers to offer systems that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing as they are seamlessly integrated into our customers’ homes and workspaces.” 

DPA Chief Executive Officer, Norman Moyo said they were also deploying hybrid energy solutions consisting of solar panels and lithium batteries, providing a cushion to reduce costs and enhance energy security in homes and small businesses. 

“With energy costs expected to increase by 20 percent year on year, possibly for the next five years, we anticipate additional pressure on homeowners and small businesses to reduce their energy costs,” Moyo said. 

 Moyo added he company is deploying hybrid energy solutions comprised of solar panels and lithium batteries, providing a cushion to reduce costs and enhance energy security in homes and small businesses by offering flexible payment options, be it an outright purchase, a lease, or a loan, our customers gain better access to the latest solar technologies and systems. 

 “We have chosen to offer our customers tried-and-tested technologies of the highest quality, along with highly trained and rated installers to ensure we minimize performance-related issues in sensitive environments such as homes and businesses.” he said.

Meanwhile, Ugesi Energy said it has established partnerships with globally recognized brands such as Tesla, Enphase, and Huawei to make sure that its solutions are not only technologically advanced but also visually appealing in residential and workspace settings. 

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