Tsholotsho villagers pin hopes on devolution

Tsholotsho locals fear for the safety of their children working abroad, who are subjected to inhumane conditions by their employers, noting as well that the xenophobic reports emerging from South Africa are worrying.

This sentiment was raised by ZAPU’s Tsholotsho South aspiring Member of Parliament, Leonard Mthombeni who indicated a number of villagers in the constituency had expressed concern over the welfare of their children and relatives who mostly work in neighbouring South Africa, where there is a widely held view among some South Africans that migrants pose a threat to locals’ employment opportunities.

This has often resulted in an outcry against the number of foreigners in that country who are attacked, harassed or sometimes killed including Zimbabweans.

In an interview with CITE, Mthombeni said Tsholotsho villagers were wishing for a better country so their children can come back home.

“People want devolution to be implemented so that their localities develop, they want children from Tsholotsho South to work in Tsholotsho South, not for them to be spread in different countries where they are struggling while looking for work,” Mthombeni said.

“Parents have been crying and are concerned about their children’s welfare. They want the country to be fixed so their children can come back home. They have pleaded with us to assist them and are encouraging each other to vote wisely.”

The aspiring Tsholotsho South MP said once elected, he would speak up on issues such as devolution that will help the country fulfill its economic potential.

“This will bring people together, provide services to locals, improve the local economy and help people of that particular place. Once this is in place, you will see how rural areas will improve and retain services of our young people who are forced to leave Zimbabwe,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ZAPU candidate noted his campaign was progressing well and was also receiving support from party leader, Sibangilizwe Nkomo who was on the ground to revive their organisation.

“My campaign is moving forward. We are taking it to different wards and we will be in Ward 14 with the party president, telling people what we can do for them once they vote for us,” Mthombeni said.

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