Top cop stabs suspect with okapi knife

A high-ranking police officer based in Bulawayo allegedly ran amok and assaulted two male adults, while wielding an okapi knife claiming they had threatened to kill his son.

A court heard the police officer proceeded to Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Donnington Charge Office and picked up two other police officers who accompanied him to where his son was.

The State alleges that upon arrival at the scene, the officer jumped out of his vehicle armed with an okapi knife and assaulted a male adult and in the process cut him on his middle finger with the knife.

Superintendent Justice Rabson (48), who resides at Luveve Police station, was not asked to plead to an assault charge.

Rabson, who had appeared without a lawyer, pleaded with the court to give him time to communicate with his lawyer so that he could get legal representation.

“Your Worship I was just called by the police and I wasn’t aware that I would be appearing in court today. I therefore didn’t get the time to talk to my lawyer. However, I have communicated with him and he said he will be available on January 16,” pleaded Rabson.

Bulawayo magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu remanded Rabson out of custody to January 16.

State representative Denmark Chihombe narrated to the court that Rabson assaulted Max Mapungu (31) who stays at Fortwell House, Fifth Avenue and Fort Street.

“On November 30, 2019 at 6:45PM Rabson picked two police officers from ZRP Donnington Charge Office and proceeded to attend a scene in West Somerton, Bulawayo. Rabson indicated to the police officers that two male adults were threatening to kill his son-Ardonie,” said Chihombe.

“Rabson and the two officers proceeded to West Somerton and upon arrival, Rabson disembarked from his vehicle holding an okapi knife in his right hand. He assaulted Mapungu several times on the face and during the scuffle pierced him on the right middle finger with the knife.”

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